Recently, our customers have been asking us about the fires in Rhodes and the burned areas. They are wondering if there is something left to visit, or if Rhodes has been reduced to an island of burned landscapes and ash. Let us reassure you that this is not the case.

1) In the 12 days during which the wildfires raged, only 15% of the landscape burned, not the whole island. The fire started on southwest and extended southeast (11 mi / 18 km south of Lindos) to an area called Kiotari. But Rhodes is still beautiful, with all the important areas to explore.

2) The rocky terrain around Lindos prevented it from being burned.

3) Traveling from the Cruise Port, 35 miles / 50 km to Lindos on the east coast of the island, you won’t see even one burned tree. This is because the wildfires were not anywhere near the sites we visit.

4) If you check out our client’s reviews from July and August, you will find no comments about burned landscapes.

With the above, we hope we have answered all your questions. Hopefully, you now have an accurate picture of the situation on Rhodes and feel comfortable joining us for a tour.

Kind Regards

Nicholas A. Rhodes and the Team of RhodesShoreExcursions.Com

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