This service is for those travelers who have physical limitations or an aversion to extensive walking and climbing.

As a licensed transport carrier of passengers, or taxi service, we are limited by Greek legislation to providing non-adapted transport. Greek law requires that all taxis in Greece , not just on Rhodes Island , be 5-passenger sedan vehicles that allow one driver to carry four passengers.

We are pleased, however, to accommodate travelers who use manual wheelchairs in our vehicles. Our sedans have a curb height which makes it possible to easily transfer most passengers from their wheelchairs to our cars. Our sedans are equipped with spacious trunks so that we may easily stow a wheelchair when folded (even electric wheelchair or motorized scooter when folded - usually in smaller parts).

Cruise ship passengers who use motorized scooters are encouraged to rent manual wheelchairs for use on the island, so that they may enjoy exploring all that the island has to offer.

Please note that the Port of Rhodes does not require tendering of passengers going ashore.

We here at “Rhodes Shore Excursions” would appreciate advance notification of passengers needing wheelchair assistance, as we must request permission to drive onto the ship and certain sites around the island.

Handicap Accessible Private Tours in Rhodes Island Greece

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