Best Rhodes Shore Excursion

This Half Day experience is the best introduction to Rhodes for first time visitors. Your thirst for history will be slaked, your desire for beautiful scenery will be fulfilled and you will be back at your ship on time for departure.

Rhodes in a Day

This Full Day excursion can satisfy your appetite for history and natural beauty. Halfway through the tour a break for lunch at the water’s edge. A drive through this scenic island will create memories which can last forever.

Rhodes West Coast Excursion

This excursion is a chance to travel through time. you'll see many sites from different periods in Rhodes' history. once you return to your ship, you'll have a significantly broadened understanding of our beautiful island.

Jewish Tours Rhodes

During this excursion, you will learn about a spirited Jewish community that was disappeared in World War II. The impact this group of people had on the history of Rhodes will be clear when you visit the Jewish Quarter.

Wine Tours Rhodes

This excursion is for everybody, not just those who take a special interest in wine. The breath-taking views will appeal to those for whom natural beauty is a reason to travel. Plus, you’ll sample excellent local wines.

Rhodes Beach Shore Excursion

Let us show you the most beautiful beaches in Rhodes island. The spotlight of the trip will be a visit to Lindos Acropolis. You'll see impressive views and crystal-clear waters that will make you want to leap right in.

Family Tours Rhodes

We have designed a relaxed tour that will excite the interests of kids and keep them engaged. This excursion is extremely recommended by families we’ve escorted in the past. Both parents and youngsters will enjoy it.

Rhodes Custom Excursion

Looking for something more special and fun? If yes, then let us plan with you a custom shore tour. We’ll show you the most popular spots, visit landmarks of all shapes and sizes, and explore the island on your own pace.

Rhodes Nature Excursion

This excursion will take you past the blue waters of the Med & Aegean Sea and into the cool breezes and atmospheric passages of this charming island. You’ll get an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature like never before.

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