Our mission is to provide high quality customer service and reliability. Our associate experienced knowledgeable tour/drivers and tour guides specialize in private and customized shore excursions, they have all lived and worked on the island of Rhodes for many years and have exceptional background knowledge of the island and its cultures and traditions.

They take great care in ensuring that you do not miss out on any of the sites during your tour. You can count on their polite and considerate attitudes and their senses of humor, which promise to give a cheerful touch to your private excursion.

As anyone who has ever booked a private excursion knows, it is not just a driver’s ot tour guide knowledge that makes a tour successful, but also his personality and sensitivity to your needs and wants. With more than 35 years’ experience and trained tour/drivers and knowledgeable tour guides we are pleased to provide the best in quality of a private shore excursion, and people with care in their hearts to serve clients.

We are extremely focused on delivering excellent experiences, we pick you up at the cruise ship’s dock and you travel in comfort and style while we put our knowledge to work for you. We provide the highest levels of quality and value on each of our excursions.

Rhodes High Quality Shore Excursions

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