Excursion Itinerary

Rhodes City & West Coast of the Island

Private Shore Excursion 6:00 hours


Starting from the pier or your chosen departure point, we will drive you to the Medieval City. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to capture photos of the walls and significant gates from outside. We’ll conclude the tour at one of the Old Town gates, allowing you the freedom to explore independently and stroll back to the ship. The walk from the Medieval City to the Cruise Port takes just 10 minutes, enabling you to save both time and money by avoiding any waiting-time charges for the driver.


We continue to the “New Town”. Here we will see/visit:

  • The historical buildings where the Venetian, Gothic and Arabic elements blend:

  • The Mandraki Old Harbor, where according to tradition, the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, once stood. (Stop Visit Photos).

  • The Church of the Annunciation, an example of Medieval Catholic design with amazing wall paintings and impressive chandeliers, that today is the Orthodox town’s cathedral. (Stop Visit Photos)

  • The North Point of the island where the East Coast’s Mediterranean Sea and the West Coast’s Aegean Sea meet.


We drive up the hillside to Monte SmithAcropolis of Rhodes City, which offers a panoramic view of the city. (Stop Visit Photos) You can also see from a distance the Temple of Apollo, the Ancient Stadium of Rhodes, and the restored marble Hellenistic Theater. (Stop Photos)


The drive continues south on the West Coast, 40 kilometers / 25 miles through small villages dotted with green forests.


We will stop first at Ancient Kamiros. (Hellenistic City of Kamiros) The town was founded by the Dorians, just like lalyssos and Lindos, and reached its greatest height in the 6th century B.C. If you enjoy ruins, you will not be disappointed by the atmospheric site of Kamiros. The ruins themselves are quite large with huge and impressive public buildings: the Agora Square, the Temple of Pythian Apollo, the Fountain Square, the Sanctuary dedicated to the Gods and Heroes of Kamiros, the Baths-House, the Main Street, the Houses, and more… On the Acropolis, you can see the ruins of the Temple of Athena Kameiras, the remains of the large Stoa, and the Archaic Cistern (reservoir), also you can enjoy a panoramic view over the Aegean Sea and the surrounding agricultural area. (Stop Visit Photos)


On the way back, you visit the Valley of the Butterflies. The valley is a unique nature reserve, the site of the only natural forest of Liquidambar orientalis trees in Europe, where the butterflies (Panaxia Quadripunctaria, also known as tiger moth) rest every year to reproduce (Mid-June to Mid-September). Huge numbers of butterflies congregate in this small valley during the final stage of their life cycle. You are permanently surrounded by butterflies camouflaging themselves against the tree trunks as you walk through the valley. Wooden bridges and paths will guide you through the rich vegetation of this rare biotope (Stop Visit Photos)


We stop at a traditional (boutique) winery for wine tasting. Athiri, Red Wine Mandilari, Muscat, Cabernet Sauvignon…Souma (distillate of wine). Winemakers are using organic growth and organic process for the vineyards and wines. Here you can also get your pictures of the ageing facilities. (Stop Visit Taste Photos – Entrance Fee 5 euros per person) You can skip this stop if you wish.


Next comes a stop at the Filerimos (Philerimos), the Ancient Acropolis of Ialyssos 876 feet / 267 meter above the sea level. The ancient city of Ialysos extended around the hill of Filerimos, which was the ancient acropolis where there are remains of buildings from the Archaic, Byzantine and Knights’ periods. Once we arrive at the top (at the main square) on the left-hand side is the entrance to the Church of Our Lady of Filerimos, the Filerimos Monastery, and the ruins of 3rd century temple Athena Polias. On the right hand side there is a beautiful tree sheltered pathway the “Via Crucis” or “Via Dolorosa” or “Golgotha” also known as the “Way of the Cross” or “Stations of the Cross”. This is a series of shrines with relief scenes of the Passion, which leads from the main square to the west edge of the plateau to the 16 meter / 48 feet cross, from which you can enjoy a stunning view. You can even climb up the cross and take in the view from the arms.\ The peace and quiet is broken only by the local peacocks, which are all over the place and are delighted to show off their tails to anyone who comes close! (Stop Visit Photos)


We will take you back to your cruise ship. If you prefer to be taken to the Medieval City for independent browsing, you will be responsible for returning on foot to the ship, docked about a quarter-mile away.

Duration: 6:00 hours

Availability: May to mid-October.

Activity Level: Moderate

Departure Time: Depend on your cruise ship dock time. If the ship arrives late into port, we’ll adjust our schedules, and the rental time will start from the moment you meet your driver.

Starting Point: We meet at the pier/dock. (or anywhere else)

Excursion Extensions: You can extend or change the itinerary of this private shore excursion as you wish, and add the highlights you want to visit.

(Stop Pictures) = Stop and get out of the car for pictures from outside of the Sight/building

(Stop Visit Pictures) = Stop and visit - go inside the sight/building for pictures

Route Map

Roundtrip approximately 100km / 62miles

Useful Info

  1. Ancient Kamiros entrance fee: 6 Euros per person. Seniors (with Id or Passport) 3 Euros per person. Children under 18 years old free
  2. The Valley of the Butterflies. For the comfort of our travelers we drive them to the Secondary Gate - upper gate so they can walk down easier (one way) 30 - 40 min. The elderly people in your group they can wait down at the Main Gate, with the driver while you explore the place. There is a small cafe, a refreshment kiosk, and a little gift shop. Entrance fee: (3 Euros Low Season) (5 Euros High Season) per person. Children under 12 years old Free. (Before June 15th and after September 15th we skip the site as no butterflies)
  3. Filerimos: to visit the Stations of the Cross, the Cross, and the panoramic vista is Free, to visit the Monastery and the Church 6 Euros per person. Seniors (with Id or Passport) 3 Euros per person. Children under 18 years old free. The site has a refreshment kiosk a souvenir shop and shady seating.
  4. At the Traditional Winery there is a 5 euros entrance fee per person. You can skip this stop if you wish
  5. You may prefer to use ATM machines when you need cash. ATMs are everywhere.
  6. Rhodes known for Traditional Appetizers, desserts, Wines, the famous handmade Rhodes Pottery - Ceramics and the beautiful Rhodes Beaches.
  7. More info in Rhodes Private Tours F.A.Q.


Private Shore Excursion (Just your party)
Free Pick up and Drop off at the Cruise Port (or anywhere else)
Experienced knowledgeable Tour/Driver English Speaking
Mercedes Benz E Class Sedan Car (4 passengers plus the driver) (bigger group or more room?)
All Car and Driver Expenses (prices are per car not per person)
No Stress - Back to the Ship on Time (if you are a Cruise Ship Passenger)
Personalized Customer Service
Free Cancelation Policy


Entrance Fees, Food, Drinks, Gratuities (Optional)
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