We are knowledgeable

We know everything there is to know about Rhodes. As you drive around the Island with us, you will find that we are well-informed about the history and culture of the places you visit. Our tours are not quick drive-throughs. They are excursions into the past and expeditions into the present. You will leave your tour with a deeper understanding and appreciation of this beautiful place.

We love our job

What’s not to love? We get to share our island with you. We love the picturesque vistas and the unique history. We encourage you to ask questions as we go from place to place, so that we can explain what has happened and how it impacts the present. We love this Island and we hope to help you love it too.

We are trustworthy and generous

Because we love this place, we care that it is properly represented. We continue to do research so that we will always give you current information when we visit a site. We also care that you have a wonderful visit. So, we will do whatever we can to make certain that you have a perfect trip.

We are experienced

We have been assisting visitors since 1984. Our experience and our passion for this place makes us very proficient at what we do. When you take a tour with us, you are in very skilled hands. Because we have done this many times before, we can anticipate your desire for a picture and capture it for you. If you want to see art or history or architecture, we know precisely where to take you. We don’t just drive you there and drop you off at the curb. We can explain the background of the site and give you tips to help you maximize your visit.

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