What to Know Before You Go...

Q: What is meant by “Rhodes Private Tour”?

A: Each tour booked with us, is for only the individual, couple, or family making the reservation.

Q: Can I bring our kids on a private shore excursion?

A: We have no age restrictions, so even infants are welcome to join our tours.

Q: Is it possible to customize a tour to meet our needs?

A: Absolutely! You may select the parts of our tours that interest you in the time that you have.

Q: Are some excursions limited to specific days of the week?

A: All excursions may be booked any day of the week, year-round / season-round.

Q: May we choose where to begin our tour?

A: Of course! You choose where to start your day-cruise ship, airport, hotel-wherever you wish!

Q: May we choose what time we start?

A: We will begin your tour at any time, but we usually start at 8:30 am or when your cruise ship arrives at the port dock.

Q: Do you require a minimum number of passengers to book a tour?

A: No. We will provide a tour to just one person. (Prices are per car not per person)

Q: Will I need special clothing on my shore excursion?

A: Dress code in Rhodes Island is very casual, for men shorts and T-shirts is the norm, and for ladies, light summer dresses or similar to men. If you are coming in spring or autumn you should bring some warmer clothes just in case it gets a bit cold in the night.

Q: A “half-day” shore excursion (with sedan car 4 passengers) takes 5:00 hours. Why?

A: Rhodes is the forth biggest island in Greece with an area of 1,408 km2 / 543,6 miles2. Our goal is to show you approximately 60% of Rhodes highlights in our half day excursions and provide you with personal attention from your driver. This cannot be safely done in two or three hours. Our associate drivers do not drive fast to cover more kilometers / miles, and they don’t “skip” sites to make up time. They focus on you enjoying a comfortable tour experience.

Q: Can you accommodate larger groups?

A: Group Shore Excursions in Rhodes

Q: What is meant by an English-speaking “knowledgeable tour/driver”?

A: Our associate Knowledgeable tour/drivers are fully licensed to drive a vehicle classified as public transportation. They are experienced chauffeurs with a great knowledge of the island’s culture, and traditions. While English speaking drivers are fairly common in most cities, knowledgeable tour/drivers aren’t as easy to find. They are educated gentleman and professionally trained to ensure that you get out of your excursion whatever you are looking for in the way of local color, culture, fun, and historical sights. They will give you information, as well as connections in time, and places that will make your visit more meaningful.

Q: When do you need a knowledgeable tour/driver?

A: A knowledgeable tour/driver is ideal for you if you are visiting Rhodes Island for a short time. Or you are on a cruise and you need to see as many sites as possible in half or full-day. A knowledgeable tour/driver can customize an itinerary for you combining good fun and eye-opening experiences.
Attention: Please note that by law in Greece and in most of EU countries knowledgeable tour/drivers are not allowed to accompany walking clients into archaeological sites.

Q: Do I need a licensed tour guide?

A: If you need a separate licensed tour guide, we can arrange it for an additional cost.
Attention: Please note that by law in Greece and in most of EU countries tour guides cannot provide chauffeur service.

Q: Is a payment required at the time we make our reservation?

A: No, we don’t need prepayment. Book now and pay later.

Q: May we finalize our booking via email?

A: Yes, we finalize arrangements via email.

Q: How will find our driver / guide at the port?

A: Your driver will meet you at the pier/ dock. When we finalize the tour booking, we’ll give you all the meeting details.

As We Travel Down the Road…

Q: How much time will we have at each stop?

A: There is, of course, more to see at some sites than others, and we want you to have plenty of time to take photos at each landmark. We do not have time limits for the sites, but we do watch how we progress through each stop and make adjustments accordingly.

Q: What happens if I decide I want more time on the tour?

A: We take more time! If you use a sedan car you may extend a tour (on the Go) as long as you wish. No extensions for minibuses and coaches.

Q: What if we need to make a W.C. stop?

A: There are facilities available along the way if one should need a W.C.

Q: What happens if we run into bad weather?

A: Excursions take place no matter the weather-in our Mediterranean climate, with more than 300 days of sun per year, weather isn’t an issue. Tours may not be cancelled at the last minute.

Q: What happens if my private shore excursion doesn’t make it back to the cruise ship on time?

A: We’ve never had such an unfortunate accidence over the last 35 years we have been offering private shore excursions.
For more information please visit Back to the Ship on Time

Q: If we wish to end the shore excursion at the Medieval City and walk back to our cruise ship, how long will it take to travel from the gate near the Palace of the Grand Master and the Archaeological Museum?

A: Most people can make the walk in 10 - 15 minutes, but if you want to take longer and enjoy the walk-through Old Town, we will leave enough time for you to do so.

Q: Should I tip my driver / guide?

A: It is never an obligation to tip; it is just a way to reward good service.
General tipping etiquette 10-20% in private tours and personalized services.

When We Have Reached Our Final Stop

Thank you for touring with us!!!

It has been our pleasure to serve you, and we hope that you will join us again!

Kind Regards,

Nicholas A. Rhodes, and the Team of www.RhodesShoreExcursions.com

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