Excursion Itinerary

Rhodes City, East Coast of the Island and Lindos

Half Day Private Shore Excursion 5:00 hours


Starting from the pier or your chosen departure point, we will transport you to the Medieval City, a designated World Heritage Site. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to capture photos of the walls and significant gates from outside.

Due to a recent traffic regulation, vehicles are restricted from entering the Old Town, making it accessible only to pedestrians.

However, we can conclude the tour at one of the Old Town gates, allowing you the freedom to explore independently and stroll back to the ship. The walk from the Medieval City to the Cruise Port takes just 10 minutes, enabling you to save both time and money by avoiding any waiting-time charges for the driver.


We continue to the “New Town”. Here we will see/visit:

The historical buildings where the Venetian, Gothic and Oriental elements blend:

  • The Mandraki Old Harbor, where according to tradition, the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, once stood (two bronze deer statues mark the site). (Stop Visit Photos)
  • The Church of the Annunciation (Evangelismos), an example of Medieval Catholic design with amazing wall paintings and impressive chandeliers, that today is the Orthodox town’s cathedral. (Stop Visit Photos)
  • The City Hall, the Administration building or Governor’s Palace a Venetian Gothic and Renaissance style with details of the Doges’ Palace in Venice (today the offices of the Prefecture of the Dodecanese), The National Theatre of Rhodes, and the “Hotel of the Roses” (today the Casino of Rhodes).
  • The North Point of the island where the East Coast’s Mediterranean Sea, and the West Coast’s Aegean Sea meet.


We drive up the hillside to Monte Smith, (although named after a 19th century British admiral, this is the site of ancient Rhodes) the Acropolis of Rhodes City which overlooks the Old and the New Town. Enjoy excellent views of the city and both East and West Coast. (Stop Visit Photos). You can also see from a distance the Temple of Apollo, the Ancient Stadium of Rhodes, and the restored marble Hellenistic Theater. (Stop Photos)


The drive continues 50 kilometers / 32 miles southeast to Lindos. You’ll pass small picturesque villages and enjoy dramatic views of the sea and the beautiful landscape of orange and lemon groves, and olive trees.


On the way you visit the Anthony Quinn Bay - Takes its name from the famous Hollywood actor, who owns a large property in this area. Since filming the Guns of Navarone in Rhodes Island - scenic (Stop Visit Photos). We continue south east to Lindos, a short stop at a vantage point for the panoramic view of Tsambica beach - scenic (Stop Photos)


On the way to Lindos, you can choose an optional short stop at a pottery workshop where the traditional pottery of Rhodes is made. You can even learn the mystery of the Pythagorean cup. Just let your tour/driver know that you wish to make this short stop.


One mile before Lindos we stop at a vantage point for a panoramic view of the acropolis, the village, and the port of Lindos. (Stop Photos)


Next, we drive down to St. Paul’s Bay, a site of incredible wild beauty. Here is where the apostle is said to have landed in the year 51 AD to preach Christianity to the Rhodians. From this point, you can also view the cave where “The Guns of Navarone” was filmed. (Stop Visit Photos)


Then we drive you to the main square of Lindos village, so you can explore the white village and climb up the Acropolis of Lindos, (passing colorful storefronts and whitewashed elaborately decorated homes) to see the magnificent remains of past civilizations: the 4th century BC Doric Temple of Athena Lindiaa double-winged porticoa Byzantine church and the fortifications of the Knights of St John.

Don’t want to walk? Take a “Lindos Taxi”—a donkey! The vantage point from the Acropolis affords you breath-taking views of a great expanse of the Mediterranean Sea, the St. Paul’s Bay, and the white village of Lindos. (Stop Visit Photos)

Or you may skip the climb up to Acropolis of Lindos and just explore the white village.


Later we will meet you at the main square of Lindos village (at the prearranged time) for the return trip, the last 14 kilometers / 8 miles we drive through the coastal road of Faliraki Beach and Kallithea Spa.

BACK TO THE SHIP (or to the starting point)

We will take you back to your cruise ship. If you prefer to be taken to the Medieval City for independent browsing, you will be responsible for returning on foot to the ship, docked about a quarter-mile away.

Duration: 5:00 hours. Usually we spend one hour in Lindos, but it depends on you for how long you need to visit Lindos. To climb up it takes 10 - 15 min, to look 30 min.

Availability: All the year round.

Activity Level: Moderate (or “Easy” if you skip the Acropolis of Lindos).

Departure Time: Depend on your cruise ship dock time. If the ship arrives late into port, we’ll adjust our schedules, and the rental time will start from the moment you meet your driver.

Starting Point: We meet at the pier/dock. (or anywhere else)

Excursion Extensions: You may extend this excursion and add lunch time at a seaside village at the Mediterranean Sea right on the water’s edge (scenic) with fresh seafood, Rhodian cuisine and excellent local wines. Or just extend it for a swim (June - September) at a sandy established beach with facilities for changing clothes.

(Stop Pictures) = Stop and get out of the car for pictures from outside of the Sight/building

(Stop Visit Pictures) = Stop and visit - go inside the sight/building for pictures

Route Map

Roundtrip Approximately 120km / 74,5miles

Useful Info

  1. Usually, we spend 1:00 hour in Lindos, but it depends on you for how long you need to visit the site. To climb up to acropolis of Lindos it takes 15 min, to take a look 30min. In case you need more time, please let us know and we’ll modify the tour to your needs. However, the tour is 100% flexible, you may extend the tour on the go (as the tour running) please speak to your tour/driver.
  2. Entrance Fees Acropolis of Lindos 12 Euros per person, Seniors 6 Euros per person, Children under 18 years old free, No charge to enter Lindos village.
  3. To reach the Acropolis of Lindos you will be required to climb 292 steps, or ride on a donkey. The donkey does not eliminate all the steps, there are over 80 to go when you get off the donkey. The donkeys go by a slightly different path so the stairs, and the soles of your shoes, will be quite clean if you wish to walk up. The risers of the stairs are 5-7 inches and the treads 18-24 inches. No handrail on either side.
  4. If you have elderly people in your group, we can drive them down on the beautiful beach of Lindos have a drink and a nice discuss with the driver and enjoy the panoramic view while they are waiting for you to climb up the Acropolis of Lindos.
  5. If you have kids in your group the “Best of Rhodes Shore Excursion” it is also an Educational and Entertainment Excursion, and of course they will love the donkey ride up to the Acropolis of Lindos!!
  6. You may prefer to use ATM machines when you need cash. ATMs are everywhere.
  7. Rhodes known for Traditional Appetizers, desserts, Wines, the famous handmade Rhodes Pottery - Ceramics and the beautiful Rhodes Beaches.
  8. More info in Rhodes Private Tours F.A.Q.


Private Shore Excursion (Just your party)
Free Pick up and Drop off at the Cruise Port (or anywhere else)
Experienced knowledgeable Tour/Driver English Speaking
Mercedes Benz E Class Sedan Car (4 passengers plus the driver) (bigger group or more room?)
All Car and Driver Expenses (prices are per car not per person)
No Stress - Back to the Ship on Time (if you are a Cruise Ship Passenger)
Personalized Customer Service
Free Cancelation Policy


Entrance Fees, Food, Drinks, Gratuities (Optional)
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