Rick Steves is an American travel writer and television personality. He debuted his first television show in America in 1991, a series which ran until 1998. Since 2000, he has been the host of a travel documentary series called Rick Steves’ Europe on America’s Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). He also has a public radio travel show called Travel with Rick Steves. In addition to those activities, he has expanded into newspapers and the Internet. Rick encourages travelers to enter countries through the “back door,” not just visiting big cities but venturing out to experience small towns and villages away from popular tourist sites. Since his first book came out in 1980, Steves has written many popular guidebooks. His books aren’t simply lists of good hotels and restaurants. They include collections of personal anecdotes from his many years of travel which make his writing both informative and entertaining.

Rick Steves in Rhodes Island

Rick visited Rhodes in order to learn about our beautiful island. I am honored to say that he chose our business to introduce him to the history and culture of Rhodes, and to assist him and his crew in getting around the island. Although they planned extensively for their visit here, as I drove them around, they wrote and filmed sites for Rick’s PBS program Rick Steves’ Europe. I found Rick to be as pleasant as he appears on his shows. He is a thoroughly nice and professional gentleman who clearly loves what he does.

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